Sketching With Friends

Last week saw the first sketching trip of the year!
Great joy!

It proved to be a very socialable day, traveling to Stamford on the top deck of the bus with my 91 year old neighbour who was off on a jolly to the weekly market and a cup of coffee with a friend.

© Mary Kemp. Willow Tree

Once there we parted ways and I met up with two like minded atists for a glorious day of sketching and arty type talk, a day we'd planned weeks ahead because Jean had so many socail engagements in her diary she couldn't fit in anything earlier!

We put the world to rights and even managed a couple of drawings  before the cold took over. It must be we're getting a bit light weight as time goes by.

 Stamford meadows was the ideal place to sit, viewing the town and the river and the bridge. Jean and Judy are quite fond of buildings so that's what they drew. I think they're more accurate than me. I gloried in the elegant trees, still beautifully skeletal despite a hint of green. I also included Jean leaning against the railings.
© Mary Kemp. Jean Drawing

I've said it before but one of the nice things about being older is not having to worry about any unwanted attention while you're out sketching in public. I was never very good at the cutting put down and trips out unless accompanied by a man or a child were often interrupted. Now my only interruptions are people who are truly interested.

We finished fairly soon after lunch, but I feel we are limbering up for a feast of drawing outside for the coming year.
There's nothing like sketching with friends. Thank you Jean and Judy!

Next week I'm off to the seaside. I'm praying for decent weather but even if it's too cold and windy to draw I'll take lots of photos.


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