Drawings from Norfolk.

As I write this it is bucketing down with rain and I am reduced to raiding the fridge for chocolate.
What a contrast to last week when I indulged in  a break by the seaside with my beloved , and came home with some drawings and several ideas for paintings.
In this sketch I came across a hill clothed in all manner of wild flowers, and when I walked through the early morning rabbits scampered out of the way, and birds called loudly overhead.

Blakeney marshes are luscious in the summer when the grass is strong and green, but when it gets to winter there's nowhere quite as bleak and forsaken.
I've used gel pen and coloured pencils for these drawings, a very portable drawing kit. See this post about what I take with me when drawing.
The Manor Hotel in Blakeney in Norfolk where we stayed. I sat out on the marshes and drew quickly.


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