My Life in 6 Possessions.

Whilst we are not defined by our possessions they do help to explain who we are and where we come from.
My Life in 6 Possessions
So here are a few thing I hold dear.

  1. The Norfolk School painting smock has been with me through many a messy painting and saved a lot of clothes from ruin. It gets stiff with paint and has taken on a life of it's own.
  2. I love pottery and this bowl with tiny feet and holes in it like a colander gives me great pleasure when ever I use it. There's a saucer below making it ideal for grapes or smallish fruit. It's Victorian and I don't know what it's original purpose was. I've had it for ages, handed down from my mother. I've painted and drawn it now and then.
  3. Sketchbook and pencil case. Well I think that describes me!
  4. I found this lucky horseshoe near our previous house when we first moved in. It's obviously from a small pony and spreads a little luck around the place.
  5. Radio is important to me. I listen all the time. This little Walkman has done sterling service, given to me by my husband as a present many yeas ago, and you can tell how old it is because I listened to the BBC all day the day Princess Diana died. We were out and about and got caught in a cloud burst and the radio got wet and stopped working. It's a day when so many details are etched in my memory.
  6. Sometimes you find an article of clothing that is just right, and you could say that about my sun hat. It fits comfortably, doesn't blow off and keeps the sun out of my eyes and face. Several summers have seen it fade from really bright colours but it holds so many memories it more than makes up for that. It's been with me on so many holidays and painting expeditions. I know that when I wear it things are generally good.


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