Website Volunteer. That's Me!

This past month I have devoted a whole chunk of time to putting together a website for the rather brilliant Welland Valley Art Society that I belong to.  Let me say straight away I rather admire the other artists involved so it was no great hardship. More a pleasure really.
Our new logo.

But it's amazing how things escalate. and you end up putting all your energies into a project just because you want to get it right. A bit like painting a picture.

It all started after I read a shout out for volunteers from the hard pressed committee. Somehow I manage to find myself volunteering to set up the society's facebook page, and before I knew it I'd volunteered to completely revamp the website.

For this project I used the same company as I do for my own website, clikpic, because I know how it works and there's no need for a special programme on the computer. I'm really hoping I shall have a co-conspirator to share sorting out all that content that needs putting up!

And now I'm going down to the studio to do what it's really all about. Getting the brushes out and painting!


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