Welland Valley Art Society Autumn Exhibition 2015. What I Thought of It!

I feel a bit embarrassed for writing about this exhibition, and you will see why shortly.

But I like to put down a few words about all of the Welland Valley Art Society's exhibitions because I am part of the society and want us to do well, and the artwork interests me a lot.

Stamford Arts Centre
is host to the
Welland Valley Art Society's
Autumn 2015 Exhibition

There's many artists in the society whose work I admire immensely. We are not a cutting edge sort of exhibiting group but I like to think the standard is high, and there is a great deal of support and interest from the Stamford community, with people looking round the show and displaying real interest in what they see.

This year's autumn exhibition held a wide mix of paintings and sculpture, and creating a varied display that held the eye through out the room.
I would like to say how well this exhibition is hung each time, all thanks to those who quietly go about their business behind the scenes.

My favourite painting, by a long way was a joyful oil painting of blue hydrangea by Judy Merriman. I like blue and I like good clean painting.

Now here's the embarrassing part. The winner of the Gladys Teesdale Award was me, Mary Kemp,! with a painting of a one of my old haunts Blakeney harbour.
And the winner is!
Harbour Lights, Blakeney.
Mary Kemp.
Oil on canvas panel, 30 x 30 cm.
There were several commended works too:
Boatyard, Penryn by Bill Illsley, a lovely delicate acrylic with a touch of St. Ives about it.
A characterful portrait of a war veteran. I'm sorry I can't be more specific but I couldn't find it in the catalogue, and stupidly I only wrote down the numbers.
Plant Form, an Ancaster Limestone very tactile sculpture by John Crampin.
Quince and Ghaemeles  a botanical watercolour by Barbara Clements.
and On the Meadows by Barbara Allen.

And now for the number crunching!
137 artworks
55 artists.
4 out of every 5 presented work selected.
There were:
12 3 dimensional works
52 oil paintings
16 acrylic paintings
32 watercolour paintings
6 pastels
2 pencil dawings
8 mixed media works 
and 2 felted wool works.
So much to see.

And that makes up the Welland Valley Art Society's Autumn Exhibition 2015 folks!


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