My Epson Stylus Photo PX73OWD Printer!!!

Have I written about my Epson Stylus Photo PX730WD printer before?
Don't get me wrong, it produces lovely prints, real top quality classy prints, probably at an exorbitant price if I could only work out cost per print.
But the ...thing has a mind of it's own.
My Beautiful Bicycle.
Lovely print. Great reproduction.

It's always been a bit funny about printing stuff via wi fi. Of course there's no connecting cable from the computer so if it's on an off wi fi day it's via a flash drive, and that's fine for images but a word document doesn't register at all.
However one of the advantages of  using the flash drive is that I can print sheets of different images where as from the computer that doesn't seem possible.
And I have spent an awful lot of today trying to print a packing slip and it has made me very cross! In the end I used my husband's computer.
Oh this digital life!!! Will I ever master it?
And would you believe, the next time I went to print with it it worked perfectly. Grrr!!!!!


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