Sweltering in the Heat. Peterborough Artists' Open Studios 2015, the Second Weekend!

Last week was unbelievably hot. I'm so glad I had nothing I absolutely had to do at the weekend, no tidying up, no toiling away in a hot studio, just a leisurely time watching the tennis , and flicking through the open studio brochure (sorry, directory ) to decide where we were going to visit.

This time we chose more on geography than anything else , fairly close, but a bit rural.

Again we had grandchildren with us, not the same one's as last week, but the middle son's contingent.

Our first stop was John McGowan's Pingle Print Studio where we were treated to a detailed explanation of the inspiration behind a series of Rotherhithe screen prints and the technology and history of the screen print.
John McGowan's print studio.
(I do like a tidy work space)

Much of  this was new to me, but not to my grandchildren, who apparently had studied screen printing at school, and it was quite common knowledge to them.

We then visited two illustrators Craig Pattrick and Ellie Sandall. Craig's work involves plastercine and photography while Ellie's illustrations hold every little girl's dream, fluffy animals.
Ellie Sandall with Craig Pattrick
at Black Cab Studio.

Next visit was the exotic world of Hilary Dunne richly coloured oil paintings, sometimes using gold leaf (the grandchildren liked that), work inspired by her travels and what I suspect is a life more interesting than mine!

Our final destination, and time for a refreshing drink in the sweltering heat, was the welcoming high ceiling studio of Pete Hayward, an often precise abstract artist. He paints many of the same subjects as I do, but his work could not be more different. I'm not usually a fan of the abstract, but what's not to like in his colourful, life affirming work? I particularly liked his large acrylic canvases. Grandchildren were pretty impressed too.
Pete Hayward with a wall full of colour!

And then home to watch the tennis.
End to a perfect day!

Thank you to all those artists who invited us so generously into their homes.


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