6 Reasons To Love Small Paintings

Drizzly day, remembered
after a walk on Monday
from Willowbrook Farm,
to Castor Hanglands.
5" x 7"

I love a small painting. They fill me with joy, complete within themselves but giving a hint of treasures to be found elsewhere.

A tiny painting is like a haiku, much said in few words.

Six More Reasons to Love Small  Paintings;
Mary Kemp.
5" x 7"
Oil on board

  1. Slips effortlessly into your home.
  2. Entry level for collecting.
  3. You can move it around without making major changes.
  4. Ideal for a gift. "I'd just like a teeny painting for my birthday". "A little something I bought you because you're my best friend."
  5. Easy to post.
  6. Satisfying to hold in your hand, pick up, put down, look at and cherish.

And here's some more small paintings!
Mary Kemp. Cliffs on the East Coast

Mary Kemp.Poppies Under a Blue Sky

Mary Kemp
Boat Painting
6" x 6" (15 x 15 cm)
on gessoed board.
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