Have I Discover the Ultimate Sketching Equipment?

I've spent years searching for the ultimate sketching kit. There's not a medium I haven't tried in my quest to record quickly and truthfully the scene I see before me.

I've tried oil paint, ( flies die in it's embrace), acrylic paint, (dries too quickly) watercolour (almost but it's not tolerant of mistakes) pastels (too messy, irritate you eyes and get smeared) and all sorts of drawing implements. I must admit I like a nice
2b pencil, even a 4b, but they're not very colourful.

So in the end I settled on this drawing kit which I shall be taking with me for a trip to Norfolk next week.
I just smile when I see my kit all ready for the day ahead!

Mess is not my thing, so anything water based is out. I don't want to carry much either and water is heavy.

But I want colour . After a lot of trial and error I have settled on a pencil case full of Derwent Coloursoft pencils, a few pens and pencils and two spiral bound sketch books.

This is what is in my rucksack.
Pencil case
Pencil sharpener
Putty rubber
2B pencil
Graphite pencil
Propelling pencil
Gel pens, blue, brown and black
Profipen black
Derwent Coloursoft pencils: dark terracotta, red, dove grey, yellow green, lime green, ochre, deep cadmium, mid terracotta, sea green, lemon yellow, purple, light green, indigo, dark brown, bright lilac, royal purple, ultramarine, blue and green, all enclosed in two sturdy elastic bands. I did take more colours with me once but it gets just too difficult to handle.
10" spiral bound sketch book.
8" spiral bound sketch book.
Digital camera
Sun hat
Sun glasses
Small camping stool
And here is a drawing from a recent trip
to Castor Hanglands near Stamford.


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