Story of a Painting. "Stroll Along the Beach, Mother and Child and Border Collie."

I want to tell you a story, a story of how this painting came about, and of a whole host of others.

It starts two generations ago, back to when I was a child and our family holidays were spent on the Devon coast, always during the Whitsun bank holiday and always when the sun was shining.

"Stroll Along the Beach"
Oil paint on canvas panel. 40 x 40 cm
Available from my website

We'd do what was usual for us, build sand castles, drink banana milk shakes in little cafes and visit the occasional stately home or ruin. We'd paddle a lot in the sea, we weren't a swimming family, and we'd tease sea anemones in rock pools.

But what I really wanted was a dog to keep us company while we did all these things. I suspect I wanted an extra companion that would think I was amazing, because I was, except no one else noticed it!

So when my son and his family gave this border collie Grace a home I was overjoyed. She is a lively and an extra member to their family.

Sadly she is indifferent to me.

She features in a lot of my paintings recently, and this is the latest.

See more of Grace on my website.


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