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Monday, 16 February 2015

An Extra Wide Painting and Making Bunting.

The flow of the bunting demanded a lovely extra wide format. 

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In truth it could go on dancing forever all round the room and back again but I felt it better to stop somewhere.
I painted this on canvas and in my narrow studio it was almost too big. I had to squeeze past the easel to get to the other end!
In the summer we had a barbecue and put up these lovely flags.
( Yes I know they're a different colour in the painting! Artist's license.)
They moved round the garden a bit and I really did like them draped over the viburnum under the bird table, but eventually they were destined for the end of the studio.
Even in the depth of winter bunting makes anywhere look cheerful.
I think this year I might make some more.
What I made the bunting from:
I used pvc coated cloth, the sort you make aprons, tablecloths and bags from and cut them out with pinking sheers and sewed them onto a doubled up thin length of the same material. They've lasted quite well.

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