Welcome 2015 ! Eight Arty New Year Resolutions.

Happy New Year folks! Welcome to 2015.
 Oh wow, it's been a busy 2014 !  And now it's all done and dusted and wound up in a maelstrom of festive food and friends and family. What more could you ask for !

I 'm looking forward to 2015, with a head so full of ideas for paintings I think it might explode!!!
There's a series of pieces I'm working on at the moment. I started late October and aim to complete 20 paintings by my birthday in February. The good news is so far things are on track.
Mary Kemp.
Flags at Blakeney.
Possibly finished!

But while I'm contemplating next year here are a few of my New Year Resolutions.
Feel free to disbelieve the lot, but some of them I will stick with. Can you guess which ones I will fall down on?
I will let you know as the year progresses!

  1. Draw more. Practice, practice, practice!
  2. I will not buy unnecessary art materials. I have enough of everything.
  4. Eat a Mediterranean diet and drink red wine.
  5. Go for a walk most days. 
  6. Visit at least one exhibition a month. I'm within an hour's journey of London. There is no excuse.
  7. Share as much art as possible.
  8. GET TO GRIPS WITH TWITTER. !!!!!!!                  This is me  https://twitter.com/MaryKempArtist. Give me a tweet, follow me, let me follow you and anything else twitter does. I struggle with those letters and numbers after a tweet. Still as with drawing, practice, practice, practice!


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