Summer on the Beach. Remember That?

In these cold drab days I want to remember the summer, especially summer on the beach.
Days when you could go out in t shirt and jeans and not wear socks.
Days when you could sit in the fresh air and feel the sun on your arms.

Summer on the Beach. Mary Kemp.
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I painted this picture after a day out with the family at
Hunstanton in Norfolk.

The beach is huge and very flat and when the sea goes out it seems to stretch far, far away.
This is the place for families to go. There's plenty of room for everyone.
There's a cluster of picnickers by the path from the car park and then it gets more widespread the further away you get.

We made a base within easy distance of the car, then let the children run as far away as they could before lunch.
It was a lovely day, and I hope will be repeated this year.

Ah summer on the beach 2015!


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