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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Monsal Head in Derbyshire. Take My Breath Away!

Sometimes you visit somewhere that makes you gasp!
It takes your breath away, and reminds you just how big and plain amazingly awesome this funny old world is.
For me Monsal Head in Derbyshire was such a place.

Monsal Head, Derbyshire
The wind was blowing, the clouds scudding across the sky.  I felt I could just jump up and the wind would take me up and away!

I drew this picture in my sketchbook with a thick pencil. It only took a few minutes.

Here's the painting completed back in the studio.

That took a bit longer!
"Take My Breath Away!"
Mary Kemp.
Oil on canvas.
60 x 25 cm.
Available from  Rippingham Art

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