Colour Rules The World ! O.K.

Red, yellow, blue, green.
Loads of colour!
I try, I really, really try, to keep the colour down.

Sometimes I restrict my palette, and for a day or two that seems quite calming and somehow appropriate to a person of my rather conventional outlook on life.

( You know the sort of thing, wash up after every meal, pay your bills on time, always be polite)
But what ever happens in my world the colour just keeps on bursting though.
And it's not as though it happens whether I'm happy or sad, angry or bored. It just happens.

In my previous blog I talked about recording a visit to Northumberland, and how I painted that. "This is serious painting" I thought. Grown up painting. Possibly, if I'm being a bit gender stereotypeish, this is how men paint. Not that I want to paint like a man. I don't.
I quite liked the result though.

Southwold Lighthouse. Mary Kemp.
Detail.Oil on canvas panel.30 x 40cm
And I posted it on Etsy , my first muted painting.
And then I thought I'd paint another. And I did.

And then another.

But I couldn't. I looked at the palette and felt a bit dreary and so I gave in and this is the result.
Colour, colour, colour !
And where do I go from here? 
If I'm to be honest I think I'll just have to follow my instinct and keep company with bright colours. I don't seem to be able to maintain anything too tasteful for very long.

p.s. Can you see the bright red canvas to the left of the easel? Here lies a whole new story!


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