This Artist's Weekly Schedule. A Lifestyle Audit.

I have to 'fess up straight away that this blog is a crib of something I saw on a post by Lisa Call a textile artist who asked "what do you do all week?"
Mary Kemp. Cat and Flowers.

Well what do I do all week? I sometimes wonder!
Have you ever thought what you do all week?
Lisa put us all to shame and set out a nice little timetable to illustrate  how she spent her time.
After reading it I felt it was now time to write down in black and white  (and pink, and purple, and green and turquoise) what really happens in my week.
Unfortunately this schedule rarely works out as planned and isn't an ideal schedule anyway.
I've never written it down before but had it loosely floating around my brain.
I found the exercise quite sobering and something I thoroughly recommend.

Mary's schedule.
In case you can't read my writing here's the code.
Pink is painting time. Usually morning, the best time for me.
Purple is my other job.As you can see it takes up two whole days and leaves me knocked out in the evenings. I like it a lot (most of the time) but really I'd sooner be painting.
Green is domestic duties. The least said about that the better !
Turquoise is admin. and marketing, writing my blog, connecting with the art world. Thank goodness for the internet. Real life interactions alter my schedule and often take priority.
Sunday is my day of rest where I try not to do anything. I find if I paint all through the weekend I just feel a bit lack lustre on Monday.
After all this I suppose I must draw some conclusions.
Two days of work eats up an awful lot of painting time.
Shame about the domestics.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.


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