Welland Valley Art Society Spring Exhibition 2014

This years spring exhibition at the Welland Valley Art Society is a real joy.

I don't know what it is about a spring exhibition but it seems to bring out the best in artists.
It's as though the world is full of new beginnings and we artists are out to prove it.

What did I like about this exhibition?
As usual the hanging was excellent, everything was visible and harmonious and your eyes were drawn along the pictures to rest on your favourite works of art. This year the sculptures were put close to the wall underneath the pictures instead of in the middle of the room. Much safer I though as well as easier to see.

Welland Valley Art Society Spring Exhibition
in the gallery at Stamford Arts Centre.

Prize winners were well chosen and richly deserved.
Winner of the best in show Gillian Durno for an exuberant acrylic painting White Lilies. I loved the joy of this painting. Check out her website.
Commended were :
Joanna Crawford "Little Peninsular"
Barbara Allen  "Warm Enough to Sit Out"
Chris Isley  "Another G and T Darling"
Anne Lindley "Dog"
Judy Merriman "Gambian Tomato Pickers"
All of which I liked very much.

But my personal favourite was:
Mark Green's oil painting of "Near Colleyweston".
Mark is one of the few painters who depicts the countryside as it truly is. His painting is honest and direct.
Please look at his website.

If I were to sum up this exhibition I would say it is a very pleasing display of competent and sometimes exceptional paintings and sculpture. Held in the Stamford Arts Centre it reflects it's venue of Stamford and is no worse off for that.
Many people from the town as well as tourists visit the exhibition.
It is a well supported  part of the cultural life of Stamford.
The Welland Valley Art Society has a long history and this exhibition does it credit. It is definitely worth a visit.

On until May 10th.


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