Hunstanton Beach, a Painting.

The seaside excites me. (In case you hadn't guessed.)

I would live by the sea given half a chance and spend all my days walking on the sand and gazing far out to the horizon. I'd draw a bit, paint a bit, eat my sandwiches and feel free.

As it is I feel free but live 50 miles away from the coast !
We visit quite often, and I do all those things that I want to, but briefly.

Back at the homestead I've been working on this picture of Hunstanton, otherwise known as Peterborough by the Sea.

Mary Kemp - Hunstanton Beach
I like the idea of the breakwaters falling away, one after another, and it's a picture I've had in my head for some time now. Years ago I painted this scene in watercolour and with a fair result, but I now see other elements to it, particularly with  the added figures and the light out to sea, so it's ready for the oil paint treatment.

I know it's not true but in my book it's not a proper painting unless you've used oils. The fact that my watercolours fail dismally has nothing to do with it....honestly.

I've used a natural coloured linen stretched canvas and my usual palette of colours, Naples yellow, buff titanium, cerulean blue, cobalt blue, Venetian red, cadmium yellow, burnt Sienna, Payne's grey, cadmium red and titanium white - so far.

I've kept it all very dry, scrubbing a lot of it on. As I add the shafts of light I may mix the paint with alkyd gel and spirit. There's still a way to go.
I love this stage of a painting, all seems possible. Perhaps when I get this thought I should leave it there and add nothing more.

But the next step is refining the figures and balancing the tones of the sand. I need to leave it to dry. I've spoilt an awful lot of art by going in before it's dry.

Through out the next stage it's still important to keep in mind the feel of Hunstanton Beach, the bright air, the texture of the sand , even the feelings of the day, so that who ever looks at the painting can know the seaside that I know.

I shall post progress of this painting on my facebook page.


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