Scrumptious Sketching. Why?

Why sketch?
Why paint?
Why make art?
Mary Kemp . The Cat and the Plum Tree.

Because it makes sense of the world.
Because it improves the world.
Because it makes you a better person.
Because you get paid for it.
Because it feeds your family.
Because it makes everything else worthwhile.
Because you like it.
So it was Sunday afternoon and I sat in the garden with a cup of tea . I started drawing the plum tree, then the cat plonked herself down at the base of the tree so I squeezed her in at the bottom, what the hell.
So why do I sketch?
A ballet dancer does exercises, an artist sketches.


  1. Lovely sketch Mary and it does hone the skills beautifully. Unfortunately not as many artists sketch as they should. The reliance on technology to capture information is pushing sketching to the background for many.

  2. Thanks Jeanette. You're quite right. It is too easy to grab the camera rather than the sketch book.


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