Father and Daughter at the Seaside. A Painting of a Perfect Moment.

Mary Kemp. Father and Daughter.

Sometimes you come upon a scene that is just right, it says everything about the moment. There are no puzzles, just a glimpse of a  part of life.

This was such a one , a special little tableau that I just had to paint. I loved  the patient watchfulness of the father and the total concentration  of the little girl lost in her own world of sandcastles and bucket and spade.
I hope when they see this they remember the day and look back on it with pleasure.

For those of us who paint I must tell you I painted this on a tomato red ( technical colour description !) ground using lots of Naples yellow, cerulean blue and of course titanium white. There's also some ultramarine violet and Venetian red in there and some yellow ochre too.

I hope you like my father and daughter painting.  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments box below.


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