Hurrah for Contact Lenses !

Sometimes things must change.
All my eye wear!
For years and years I've been struggling with bi focals, computer glasses and once I even tried varifocals.
I never thought I was seeing as I ought to.
I clean my glasses, take them on and off and get them dirty, great big thumb prints and blurry blotches in my line of sight.
Paint gets on them and I can't see out the corners because the frame is in the way.
Then I put my computer glasses down and can't find them, or I put my bifocals down and definitely can't find them because I can't see beyond the computer....
Glasses are inconvenient.
So on Monday I visited  the optician for a contact lenses trial.
Already I've been wearing them the maximum time, have been shopping, spent a day painting, even done a bit of housework. I have yet to draw from life with all the looking up and down but I'm sure that will work. I just  won't need to move my head about so much as you do with bi focals.
I feel so full of excitement.  I can't imagine why I didn't do it before.
Onwards and upwards.


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