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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Lana Vanguard Paper. Using Inks and Using Oil Paints.

Mary Kemp- Cyclamen.
Ink on Lana Vanguard 
There's a tiny, deep, deep red cyclamen in the studio.
It stands next to a cobalt blue painting and every time my eyes rest upon it my heart zings. The colour combination is just made in heaven.
I've been meaning to paint it for a while now.
This morning I put aside the oil I was working on and got out some smooth and shiny Lana Vanguard paper,  Rowney Daler acrylic ink and a pot of Sennelier crimson ink which has a very high shellac content.
I drew a rough outline with a little gel pen.
After about an hours work this is what I came up with.
I've used inks on this paper before and love the way the ink pools unpredictably  and moves about on the surface.
But then as I was getting another sheet of paper out to have another go I read the blurb on the pad that said it was:
So out came the oil paints. Time to experiment.
Mary Kemp. Cyclamen.
Oil paints on Lana Vanguard paper.
I spent another hour on this painting. I drew in pencil and applied the oil paint without any medium except a very small amount of spirit using my usual brushes. It was a weird sensation, not one I liked very much, the brush slid as soon as I put it on the paper, but the paint glowed with the strong white background. There was a nice blurry effect when I rubbed in the paint with a cloth.
Would I use it again?
I'm not sure. I did like the blurry effect with the cloth. It reminded me a bit of encaustic painting.

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