Forest Path

I spent a lot of time in the woods last winter, gathering ideas and taking photos.
 It takes a time for ideas to perculate through hence only starting to paint these scenes now. I think in the summer my mind was taken up with sunshine and the beach. I definitely feel a bit darker now. 
I started this painting on a pristine white primed canvas panel 50 x 40 cms, drew in the the v. rough outline with an hb pencil.
Mary Kemp - Forest Path oil on board 50 x 40 cms
 Lots of cadmium red - first of all I used Winton student colours and then found the tube of proper artist's quality oil paint by Windsor and Newton and the difference in intensity of colour was striking.The dark colour I used paynes grey and purple and a bit of cadmium red.
Mary Kemp  - Forest Path , oil on board 50 x 40 cms.
I let it dry, then added some white and grey and purple for the sky, and now I'm off to carry on some more because looking at this image has jolted me into seeing what needs doing. ( See the black and white photo I'm using for reference)


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