Working in the Hot Weather.

My studio doesn't get the sun on it until midday, which is a blessing in summer if not in winter. So this weather I try to be up early and working before breakfast.
Mary Kemp - Work in progress.
Hot weather affects paints because of the drying time, so alkyd I have to use up quickly and the turps evaporates at a rate of knots and luckily you can't smell it because the windows are open. I don't know if oils dry quicker, they take so long it's sometimes difficult to tell, but I suppose they must. It's more a case of the drying time seeming longer in winter.
Watercolours are lovely in the summer. You don't have to wait around for a wash to dry, you can just get on with the next layer straight away.
Acrylics I find a pain. For me the drying time is far too fast anyway even with retardant so I won't be using them for a while.
I stop painting as soon as the sun comes through the window, and because there's so much window space it soon makes it's presence felt and no matter how much air I have flowing through the studio it is still HOT.
Sometimes I sit in a shady spot and draw which seems the most pleasant solution to it all.


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