The Course of True Art Never Runs Smoothly.

I had arranged to take some paintings to the Buckenham Gallery in Southwold on Tuesday. We set off in good time in our much loved classic car. It sounded good, it was going well, all was right with the world.
Then this lovely car developed a NOISE.
I tried not to appear panicky, but time was ticking by and I wanted to keep my appointment, but this car needed mending. Then joy of joy it just so happened we were within a few miles of one of the few specailists who could provide us with the solution, a new alternator. So after a phone call, and another on the way there because we got lost, we arrived, drove straight in and within a couple of calm hours, swallows flying overhead and Classic fm playing , we were on our way. Thankyou Adrian Pease of Peacock Engineering.
Becky at Buckenham Galleries was very understanding of our delay. ( I do try to be efficient but sometimes it just doesn't work) and in her gallery now are some new paintings of Grace the border collie.


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