Surface, Contemporary Sculpture at Burghley House Sculpture Park.

A warm summers evening and I had been invited with a select few to see the new sculptures in Burghley Sculpture Park.
Since it's been open I have visited the park many times and always enjoyed the large sculptures in their outdoor setting.
David William Sampson with "James"

This year David Sampson invited me to the opening so I grabbed the chance. Here he is with his enegmatic ceramic piece "James". I have seen much of his smaller work which I find fascinating but not comfortable. This is as large as he has worked and it magnifies that feeling of life on the edge. Not a bad thing. Sometimes the things I feel at home with are just too cosy.
There were several other sculpures that took my eye, notably Willow Arch by Carole Beavis and Mechanism by Nick Horrigan.
Carole Beavis with "Willow Arch"
Nick Horrigan with "Mechanism"

Final joy of the evening ! Hot air balloon over Burghley House.


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