Indoors Water Colour.

It is snowing outside. My studio is too cold to work in comfortably. ( Yesterday I wore 3 layers of clothes, mittens and stuffed a hot water bottle up my jumper). Yes I do have heating but it wasn't enough.
So I brought my watercolours up to the house and left the oil paints to freeze.
This is what I painted.
Mary Kemp - Early Morning.
I remember now why watercolours are so difficult. You only get one chance.
I've used some lovely paper which is so thick it doesn't need stretching. I think it's handmade.
The paints I used are various makes: cobalt blue, cerulean blue, sap green (possibly) raw umber, Venetian red, yellow ochre and some sort of purple.
All done with one brush, prolene by pro arte series 101 number 14.
I painted it very wet, flooding the area I wanted to fill with water, adding the paint and hoping for the best.


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