A Whole New Experience - Painting on Lana Vanguard Paper

So I bought this Lana Vanguard plasticised paper, nearly £1.00 per A4 size sheet.
It's the nearest you can get to the American Yupo paper.
It's quite wonderful and different to anything I've ever painted on before.
Mary Kemp - St. George's Day.
It's very  smooth, non porous and quite sturdy, doesn't cockle and is alarmingly white.
Watercolour just skates over the surface and settles into puddles. You need to be quite controlled in use.
Colour will lift off with a wipe leaving a pristine white surface, you can polish the colour to get a smooth wash and a drop of water will plunge the whole lot into chaos.
I tried overlaying a wash but that didn't work.
I tried drawing over with a pen but the pen clogged up.
But the colour is so bright and clear, I used inks and I used watercolour.
Oh joy!
Lots more experimenting to be done.


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