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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wonderful Watercolour !

Mary Kemp - Mary's Garden, Alan's Garage.
Oh gosh , oh golly! It's a long time since I painted in watercolour.
But I've been staring out of the kitchen window and this is what I see.
I rested my pad on the draining board and painted.
I used:
Canson 200gms  cold pressed watercolour paper.
White Knight watercolours, dead cheap but jolly colours. I can't tell you precisely which colours because I ripped the paper off the pans and didn't record anything. Usually I'm a bit more traditional with my materials.
I used no8 and no14 sable brushes, hold lots of water, feel lovely.
I might add some lines to this later.
The light was going as I put the on red blobs for the apple trees.

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