Why Sketching is Like Press-Ups.

For us finely honed artists sketching is our daily exercise.
Just like an athlete we need to put in the time and patience to get it right, and if necessary repeat and repeat, build the muscles in our brains, train our memories, put memories in our drawing muscles and remind ourselves how to see.
So OK I don't limber up every day, but when I do I find the ideas flow, the line I'm trying to paint goes just  right, and I feel pretty damn good about what I'm doing.
Mary Kemp- Greenhouse Sketch.
In the studio if I get a bit bogged down I know an unrelated burst of drawing will work wonders. And if it's executed sitting outside in the sunshine that's even better.

Mary Kemp- Tomato plant sketch.
So today, feeling a bit glum about this and that I went out into the garden and before 9am produced a couple of pictures.


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