Keeping Track of Your Art Work.

If you don't keep track of your paintings its easy to forget what you've got stacked up just waiting for that chance to shine so..
Mary Kemp - Cool Sea
I decided I would like to keep a proper inventory of my art work. I was giving the same picture a different name each time I put it out there. I was getting confused!
So each picture as I paint it I will give it a number and a title..not to be changed.
Sometimes I complete 3 or 4 paintings a week, when the wind is behind me. So I must be more organised.
I also have the added complication that my computer died last month and nothing was backed up....I know, I know.
So I've a lot of photographing to do.

Meanwhile here is my latest offering. It's the children again running to the sea.
I used a pale red ground on a canvas on panel, used lots of cerulean blue and Naples yellow, and of course burnt Sienna.


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